With about 600 employees, LESER is the largest European and a leading manufacturer of safety valves worldwide. LESER safety valves are developed and tested for the international market in our certified test lab at our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Valve production, with a capacity of over 130,000 valves per year, takes place at our modern factory in Hohenwestedt, Germany. Eight subsidiaries in Europe, America, the Middle East, and Asia as well as trained contact partners in over 80 countries ensure competent customer consulting services for all industrial applications. LESER has warehouses all over the world and can deliver valves within a few days. LESER’s authorized service partners (LARCs) offer expert service and repair using original LESER spare parts.

LESER safety valves protect people and the environment in the chemical, petrochemical, technical gases, oil and gas production, and engineering branches as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Additionally, FAINGER LESER in India produces safety valves for the local market.

LESER headquarter in Hamburg / Germany      Factory in Hohenwestedt / Germany

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High Efficiency

Safety valves from the Clean Service product group were specially developed for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries and meet all the relevant standards and regulations such as DIN 11866 or ASME BPE. With a low deadspace inlet area, the unique LESER HyTight assembly, and the optional pneumatic lifting device you have very good cleanability (CIP, SIP). With a large selection of aseptic connections (threaded, flanged, or clamped) the valve can be optimally fitted to different requirements.

Safety valves from the Modulate Action product group feature a standard or proportional opening characteristic.  They minimize medium loss when opening and are used for protection from pressure peaks, thermal relief, and liquids.
The supplementary loading system for the High Efficiency product group uses external air pressure to guarantee better tightness up to set pressure.
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