Uhde High Pressure Technologies
Uhde High Pressure Technologies

Uhde High Pressure Technologies has become a leading supplier for the fertilizer industry due to decades of experience gained since its incorporation in 1930. The co-operation with all important licensors, namely Stamicarbon, Saipem, Toyo Engineering Corporation and Urea Casale, as well as major supplies for world-scale plants commissioned by all prominent contractors like Ferrostaal, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, KBR, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Saipem and Uhde are presenting the platform to serve the plant owners worldwide during the life-cycle of the plant in the best manner.

Uhde High Pressure Technologies is designing, fabricating and supplying valves and fittings for the high pressure synthesis section of fertiliser plants. Furthermore, prefabricated piping in form of high precision isometrics or spools can facilitate quick and easy assembly on-site. Thus, erection schedules and down-time during revamps will be shortened and the quality of welding and installation of pipework is improved.

Your advantage of selecting Uhde HPT for high pressure UREA Equipment:
- Superior quality and technology at competitive prices
- Reliable partner offering long-term co-operation
- Design and Fabrication according to customers' specification/requirements  Permanent exchange of experience with clients and licensors
- Selection of first-class components (e.g. for materials, packing, accessories)
- Assistance for erection supervision and maintenance
- Engineering support
- After-sales Service and life-long Spare Parts supply

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have. We are pleased to help you with your matters.
Please contact:
Mr. Sebastian Puls
Product Manager Valves
T: +49 2331 967 222
F: +49 2331 967 370
E: info@uhde-hpt.com
I: www.uhde-hpt.com

Uhde High Pressure Technologies
Contact :
Tel : +49 2331-967-0
Email : info@uhde-hpt.com
Web : www.uhde-hpt.com
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·Transportation service
·Training of operating personnel
  ·Introduction into high-pressure technology
  ·Conceptual design of the HP valves
  ·High-pressure components
  ·Assembly and disassembly of components

·Maintenance and repair
·After-Sales Service
  ·Lifetime supply of spare parts
  ·Emergency stock of special materials
  ·Recommendation for optimized design and improved material
  ·Repair and overhauling of damaged plants and components
  ·Supervision at site during erection, commissioning or overhauling

Thousands of meters of piping experience
Fabrication of HP piping for Urea plants
References up to 16" HP piping
Bending and welding of pipe classes according to Uhde HPT Standards PN-200, PN-325 und PN-500
All piping must be corrosion-resistant and should also satisfy the particularly stringent requirements dictated by the location in the urea plant and by the process licenser.

Uhde supplies completely prefabricated and tested isometrics and spools. The high demands on the scope of tests carried out and on the fabrication process can only be satisfied by a comprehensive quality system and properly qualified personnel. This means, for example, that each weld has to be X-rayed several times and that corrosion resistance has to be tested according to the instructions prevailing for each combination of welding filler metal, piping and fitting material.

Controlling aggressive fluids
The standard method of testing stainless steel used for urea plants is the Huey test, however, depending on the materials, the Streicher test or Strauss test can also be applied.

Verification of the geometry (by laser measurement)
Pressure test
Leakage test

Due to the highly aggressive nature of the process media at high pressures of 200 bar and temperatures of 180°C the urea process which seems to be simple demands highest technical standards. This concerns the valve technology in the synthesis loop in particular.

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