BHDT (Best High Pressure & Drilling Technology) is a technologically qualified supplier and manufacturer of high pressure equipment and high pressure components for the hemical and petrochemical industry, as well as pumps generating pressures (up to 10,000 bar) for liquid media. 
We manufacture our products in co-operation with licensors of chemical processes using high-precision computer-controlled processing machinery and taking customer demands into account at the highest level of technological standards. Thanks to decades of experience, suitable materials and quality-assured order handling, we have gained an excellent position on the global market.
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BHDT is not only a producer of top-quality high pressure components but is also a supplier of complete customized high pressure systems for the petrochemical industry.
Furthermore the increased pressure rates in automotive-diesel applications extend the product range in the field of high pressure technology.

BHDT is also a contractor for large industrial plants, particularly in the field of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and is a partner for specialized equipment for the chemical industry.
The high pressure reactor is a very essential part of an LDPE plant. The ethylene gas is pressurised in a two stage compressor and transferred via preheater to the high pressure reactor. The polimerisation process from ethylene gas to LDPE takes place in the high pressure reactor and is cooled down in the following product cooler.

·High Pressure Tubes
BHDT offers tube systems fabricated with highest precision and smoothest internal surface finishing. The multiple efforts for production steps like deep hole drilling, honing, end machining and autofrettage performed under a well implemented quality control system guarantees a high sophisticated product of high pressure technology.

·Fittings, Isometrics and Distribution Blocks
BHDT is a manufacturer of different types of fittings, high pressure blocks and interconnecting piping. These products are fabricated according to BHDT standard and customer specifications. Prematerial are forged blocks or bars which can be also offered in remelted quality (ESR).
Depending on bending radius for the fabrication of interconnecting piping and high pressure tube bends the deformation is performed by cold bending in a multiple roll bending machine respectively by hot bending in a drop forging press or inductive bending.

·Rupture Disc Systems
Important safety devices in high pressure plants are rupture disc systems, which burst at a certain pressure and release the pressure very quickly. BHDT offers a special design modification which is essential more user friendly in maintenance than previous designs. The normally required burst tests at operating temperature within a small range of burst pressure can be performed.

·High Pressure Valves
High Pressure Valves in different design and pressure ranges are available.
The product range includes different types of angle-, check-, control- and safety valves. For control valves the verification of flow characteristic on valve test station can be performed.
·High Pressure Vessels
High pressure vessels are fabricated in different design for pressure rating up to 400 MPa using different materials according to customer specifications.
Big cross sections result in high load and highest requirements on high pressure sealing system. 
·Bolt Tensioning Devices
BHDT supplies bolt tensioning devices, pumps and accessories according to different customer requirements.
·Fatigue Testing Machine
Global high pressure industries are experiencing a capacity increase. This has resulted in intensive development of new materials for high pressure components. Common development projects include material
fatigue testing.
BHDT has invested in a state of the art fatigue testing machine to serve the high pressure industry and offers high frequency pulsation testing with pressures to 4,000 bar.
BHDT now offers the following services:
    --High frequency fatigue testing up to 4,000 bar
    --Test frequency up to 25 Hz
    --Evaluation of design curves
    --(load versus number of cycles)
    --Verification of improved life of components with autofrettage
    --Leak before burst behavior tests
    --Analysis of the fracture surfaces
    --Detailed digital documentation
Based on increase of injection pressure for Diesel engines a new application for high pressure technology is achieved.
Pulsation dampener, distribution piping and accessories extend the product range.
A survey of the most common materials for High Pressure Tubes and Bends can be downloaded here.

Since 1979, BHDT has been manufacturing pumps and components for various fields on high pressure technology. The company is the biggest European pump manufacturer and also counts among world抯 leading suppliers of high pressure systems with a range from 200 MPa to 1,000 MPa.

稺aterjet Cutting
The working principle of high pressure pumps for waterjet cutting is based on the so called pressure intensification. The oil pressure generated in the hydraulic drive is increased to an operating pressure up to 420 MPa, in accordance with the surface ratio of the low pressure piston on the oil side to high pressure plunger on the water side.

Pumps of series Ecotron?and Hytron?are available. Depending on pump type the operating pressure is continuously adjustable up to 420 MPa. Flow rates of 0.8 up to 7,6 l/min are provided, with power ratings from 7.5 to 75 kW.
For pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting all required tubings and fittings as well as waterjet valves, abrasive heads and abrasive dosing systems are available.

稤osing Pumps
BHDT Peroxid Dosing Pumps have been developed especially for application in Polyethylene reactors (LDPE). High quality components and material guarantee highest security level. All electrical and electronical components are in explosion proof design.
High accuracy in dosing and nearly pulsation-free flow of catalysts up to 350 MPa characterize this pump series. Flow rates from 24 l/h (0.4 l/min) to 150 l/h (2.5 l/min) are within the standard product range.

稰ressure Testing
Pressure test unit up to 550 MPa are available. High pressure test pumps are designed for stationary and mobile application, with flow rate of maximum 1 l/min.

Ultra high pressure pumps and components as well as complete Autofrettage and high pressure testing equipment with operation pressures up to 1,000 MPa and flow rates up to 0.5 l/min are available.

稴pecial Equipment

This includes special pump units and equipment for industrial cleaning purposes and recycling applications with pressure ranges up to 200 MPa flow rates up to 45 l/min.
Further test units for high pressure hoses, testing equipment for fuel injection systems as well as high pressure vessels and pump systems for isostatic presses up to 400 MPa.


Compact Flanges offer outstanding benefits whenever size, weight and stress are critical factors in pipe-design. Compared to ANSI Flange connections, Compact Flanges save up to 80 % of weight withstanding high bending and tension loads without leaking. Therefore, no retightening of bolts is required! Compact Flange metal to metal connection with special steel seal rings ensure a 100 % leakfree connection by having three sealing surfaces in one joint.

Compact Flanges are designed as a complete closing static connection, keeping corrosion problem causing medium away from the sealing surfaces and bolts which ensures longlife usage under extreme conditions. BHDT offers Weld-Neck-, Swivel-, Blind- and Intergal Flange Connections as specified in NORSOK L-005 NCF5 and NCF4 Standard. For any requirement BHDT provides Compact Flange design acc. NORSOK L-005 in combination with Analytical Calculation, Finite Element Analysis, Design Verification acc. DIN EN 13445-3 and AMSE and Approval by Notified Bodies like Det Norske Veritas, TUV or others.

Norsok M-630, M-650 and DNV-OS-E201 are also applicable.


·Weld Neck Flanges of all sizes and pressure classes made of Duplex, Superduplex and Carbon Steel
·Blind Flanges of all sizes and pressure classes made of Duplex, Superduplex and Carbon Steel
·Cladded Flanges with e.g. Inconell 625 cladding
·Swivel Flanges for nominal pipe diameters all sizes and pressure classes to NCF4 standard made of Duplex, Superduplex and Carbon Steel.

References in Compact
Flange Technology

FPSO OKHA – Woodside

BHDT is capable to provide complete pipe spools and valves made of Duplex, Superduplex and Carbon Steel for any high pressure application within the Oil and Gas Industry!

Special Flanges


      ·Inner Pipes Turret FPSO 6" Duplex
      ·Inner Pipes Turret FPSO 14“, 40mm WT Duplex



BHDT has its own control valve testing facility.
NP0.6 MPa to 250 MPa, NS up to 300 mm
  ·Flow coefficient KV (Cv), characteristics
  ·Media pressure drop factor FI
  ·Leak test Pressure upstream of the valve
  ·Pressure downstream of the valve
  ·Pressure drop
  ·Stroke position
  ·Flow rates 0,5 up to 1300 m3/h (0,13 up to 340 gal/h) 

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