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GE Oil & Gas
GE Oil & Gas ( is a world leader in advanced technology equipment and services for all segments of the oil and gas industry, from drilling and production, LNG, pipelines and storage to industrial power generation, refining and petrochemical. We also provide pipeline integrity solutions, including inspection and data management. As part of our ‘Innovation Now’ customer focus and commitment, we leverage synergies from across the entire GE technology network, taking leading solutions from other industries such as Aviation, Healthcare and Telecommunications, and adapting them to improve performance in the oil and gas industry. GE Oil & Gas employs more than 12,000 people worldwide and operates in over 100 countries.
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GE Oil & Gas
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Systems-Drilling & Production
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GE's Oil & Gas business is a leading manufacturer of capital equipment for the global Oil & Gas industry. Our products include rotating and static equipment, so whether it's the world's largest LNG compression trains, re-injection of high sulfur gas, enhancing the safety and productivity of the world's oil and gas pipelines, or equipment for the production of oil and gas from deep subsea resources, GE's Oil & Gas business is leading the charge.

Our compression solutions range from small, rotary vane compression units to equipment for the highest power, pressure and flow.

Gas Turbines
GE's Oil & Gas business manufactures a complete line of gas turbines for all major Oil & Gas Industry applications. They are installed in natural gas plants, gas compression stations, oil booster stations, petrochemical plants and power generation and cogeneration plants worldwide.

Steam Turbines
GE’s Oil & Gas business offers a complete range of industrial steam turbines to meet the most challenging requirements of the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries. A customized solution, a perfect match with the driven compressor, and a modular design ensure optimum efficiency without compromising on reliability and availability.

Our radial expanders are available configured with centrifugal compressors, generators or oil brakes for natural gas applications, petrochemical plants or refineries. Our axial expanders are designed for applications such as energy recovery from refinery hot gas waste streams.

Centrifugal Pumps
Designs include single or multistage, horizontally or radially split and single or double case type.

Reactors & Steam Condensers
We manufacture heavy wall reactors for refineries, tubular reactors, special vessels for petrochemical production plants and large high-pressure heat exchangers.

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
Plug box, cover plate and pipe and bend models are available in both forced and induced draft configurations.

Valves - Control & Safety
We design, manufacture and install control and safety valves designed for severe applications in refineries, petrochemical plants and power generation plants.

Reducing & Metering Systems
We supply fully engineered, skid-mounted packages for fiscal metering and gas treatment systems.

With more than a century of experience, VetcoGray and Hydril Pressure Control are leading suppliers of industry renowned products and services to the global upstream oil and gas industry. VetcoGray and Hydril Pressure Control provide reliable and field-proven products, systems and solutions for drilling and production, onshore and offshore.

Capital Drilling Equipment
VetcoGray and Hydril Pressure Control offer a complete line of drilling equipment that continues to push the design envelope, improving upon time-tested, industry renowned equipment and introducing innovative solutions that increase uptime, safety and environmental protection. Look anywhere in the world along the energy industry's high pressure, high temperature and deepwater frontiers and you will find VetcoGray and Hydril Pressure Control.

Floating Production Systems
Since the first TLP was installed in 1984, VetcoGray has played a significant role in the design, development, and manufacture of major components and integrated systems for most Floating Production System projects installed to date.

Mudline Equipment
Mudline Equipment transfers string weight off of the drilling vessel and onto the seabed. This also allows for disconnect and tiebacks when pre-drilling. VetcoGray offers a simple stack down system that is easy to use and reliable.

Subsea Drilling Systems
We offer a complete system approach through design, engineering analysis, and supply. Today, VetcoGray provides the broadest range of subsea wellhead solutions for global subsea exploration and production.

Subsea Production Systems
VetcoGray offers a global single source solution for any size subsea development, whether tied back to an offshore facility, or as a long step-out from shore. Design is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the reservoir, installation procedures and interface with the storage and processing systems.

Surface Drilling & Production Systems
Innovations from VetcoGray dating back to the 1920’s have provided our Surface Drilling customers commercial and safety advantages as they bring their developments on line. Whether you are drilling from a Land Rig, Jackup, on an Offshore Platform, from a TLP or Spar, VetcoGray has your solution.

We provide all solutions to enhance your equipment efficiency and performance, Contractual Service Agreements to maintain your machines, plant and pipelines at peak reliability and availability, OEM spare parts, maintenance, repairs and a full portfolio of advanced services, as well as 24x7 online monitoring to support proactive maintenance.

Contractual Services
Contractual Service Agreement (CSA) solutions are built on our extensive design and field experience in all Oil & Gas applications, from platform applications, through pipelines and LNG plants, to processing plants. GE currently has CSAs in place at more than 500 sites around the world.

iCenter and Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Services
We are able to provide you with innovative, high value services, based on advanced diagnostic systems, monitoring tools and advanced technology solutions to enhance the reliability, availability and safety of your equipment.

Multivendor Services
To offer you the benefits of a single point of contact for servicing a complete fleet of rotating equipment, we have developed service capabilities for other OEM products. Advanced reverse engineering techniques and GE's extensive experience ensures a quality level which is the same or better than that of the original equipment manufacturers.

Pipeline Inspection & Integrity Services
Our pipeline inspection and integrity services bring together the specialized skills, advanced technologies and field experience essential for a confident assessment of the present and future condition of a pipeline.

We offer technical training in plant and equipment operation and maintenance. Multi-customer training, customized training and computer-based training are available.

Equipment Upgrade Solutions
We provide customized engineered solutions to increase the output, performance and life of your plant. Our solutions cover a broad range of services, from machine upgrades (Gas & Steam Turbines, Centrifugal & Reciprocating Compressors, etc.) to de-bottlenecking projects and environmental services.

Parts, Repairs and Field Services
We leverage our expertise and experience to, care for your assets over the life of your plant, whatever the need: OEM spare parts, maintenance and repair services, technical support in the field, troubleshooting, remote diagnostics, etc. We also offer express care for faster on-site response: 24 hrs. on-site, 5 hrs. remote diagnosis, or engine exchange.

Request your Spare Parts
Click here to send an e-mail request to the proper Global Service Team selecting your geographical region and product.

Localization Initiatives
In order to be closer to customers GE Oil & Gas has a large number of repair facilities in strategic locations throughout the world. Our service shops are equipped with advanced technologies for repairs and the latest tools, and have skilled technical advisors to provide first class technical support and to reduce project cycle time.

Customer Service Center
24 hours x 7 days our multilanguage operators are available to respond to customer requests. In case of emergency, or technical request, after the call all next steps will be tracked on a web-based tool.

Florence Learning Center
We provide a full scope of conference center services including facilities, multimedia equipment, catering, etc. for meetings, training, and other events.

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