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   Technical seminar for the petrochemical and oil & gas industries in Singapore
   Safety valves for bioethanol plants on Fenasucro
   Safety valves on stock in the Middle East
   Examples for successful projects with pilot-operated safety valves
   Certification LESER LLP, Singapore, acc. to ISO9001
   DIERS meeting at LESER in Hamburg
   SAIL plans to revive Fertilizer Corp's Sindri unit
   RK Anand calls for end to economic blockade at urea distribution function
   India mulls urea plant in Gulf
   Hanfeng Reacquires Sulphur Coated Urea Subsidiary from Agrium
   Fertilizer Market Downturn in the First Half Year
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--[sell] Nedal...
--[sell] Complex Urea and Ammonia...
-- Shanxi 300,000 tpy ammonia/520,000 tpy granular urea project
-- Heilongjiang 600,000 tpy ammonia/1.0 million tpy urea project
-- Anhui Sanxing coal chemical industry (phase Ⅱ) Project
-- Xinjiang 300,000 tpy ammonia/520,000 tpy urea project
-- 300,000 tpy urea project about urea reactor, ammonia separator procurement bidding
-- 30.52 urea project about DCS and safety instrumented system(SIS)procurement bidding
-- urea reactor, CO2 stripper, high-pressure scrubber, high-pressure condenser procurement bidding
-- 18·30 urea project about urea high-pressure pump equipment bidding
-- The 3rd China International Slow Release Fertilizer Forum
-- 2010 Global Fertilizer Production and Trade Conference
-- The 14th China Fertilizer Market Conference
-- The 13th China Fertilizer Market Conference
-- 2008 World Potash Conference Opened
-- 2nd Controlled/Slow Release Fertilizer Technology & Industry Forum
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